Busy/Free Desk Indicator

DeckerEgo Corp thanks you for your purchase of the Busy/Free Desk Indicator 2021 Edition. We hope it brings you years of enjoyment and use.

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DeckerEgo Corp Thanks You

The Busy/Free Desk Indicator 2021 Edition was constructed to provide an easy way for your roommate, spouse, or cat to identify if you are busy at your desk or if you are free to be interrupted with a question about something you already answered like fifty seconds ago.

User Manual

For instructions and guidance concerning the Busy/Free Desk Indicator 2021 Edition, review our easy-to-use user manual.


DeckerEgo Corp may offer free upgrades to The Busy/Free Desk Indicator 2021 Edition. Here’s the latest:


Download: Version 1.2.1

Updated the "breathe" shader animation to make it
look a bit more calming.

Breathe in... breathe out...


Download: Version 1.2.0

Added a new fireworks shader to replace the holiday
wreath. Glittery explosions in desktop form.


Download: Version 1.1.2

Added a holiday wreath shader!

Build Your Own

Want to build your own Busy/Free Desk Indicator 2021 Edition? Full instructions are available at our Hackaday.io Page!